Corporate Responsibility and Integrity

Corporate Responsibility and Integrity

At Simply Good Foods, we take great pride in operating with high ethical standards. Our stakeholders expect us to continue to uphold high standards of conduct and we expect all of our business partners to do the same.

Doing the right thing is the cornerstone of our culture. As such, it is essential that we and our business partners comply with applicable federal, state and local laws, as well as all applicable international compliance standards. 

Our employees are not permitted to offer or accept any kickback, bribe, or favor or use any improper influence when dealing with vendors, government officials, or any other parties relating to our business.  We expect that our employees and business partners will disclose any relationships they may have that might create a conflict of interest.

As a food company, it is imperative that we supply reliable and high quality products, ingredients and materials that meet all applicable quality and food safety standards, and to ensure vigorous food-safety and quality control systems are in place. 


Health & Safety / Reporting

Ensuring the proper health and safety of individuals is of upmost importance to Simply Good Foods.  Our focus is on providing safe and healthy working environments for all employees and consultants. Our employees are encouraged to take proactive measures toward accident prevention and safety.  Employees have the right to refuse and report any unsafe or unhealthy working conditions. We aim to meet or exceed applicable laws and industry standards regarding safe and healthy working conditions. 

We do not retaliate against any employees or business partners who report a compliance or ethical issue or who cooperate in good faith with the investigation of a report or complaint. 


Human Rights & Employment Practices           Labor Human Rights and Social Policy    Vendor Code of Conduct

Simply Good Foods supports a diverse and inclusive workforce and prefers to work with business partners who share this value.  We also believe the protection of human rights throughout our supply chain is vital.  We aim to treat employees with respect and dignity, and to promote a work environment that is free of discrimination, harassment, forced labor or abuse of any kind. 

We have an outsourced supply chain and rely on our Vendor Code of Conduct to set expectations of our vendors to prohibit slavery, involuntary labor, economic exploitation of child labor and human trafficking from their operations and supply chains. 

We expect our business partners to meet or exceed all applicable employment laws governing work hours, vacation, leave and holidays and to pay their employees in a timely fashion and ensure that work schedules and overtime are consistent with all applicable laws, including maximum hour and rest period laws.

Environmental Matters           Environmental Policy

At Simply Good Foods, one of our goals is to work to reduce any adverse environmental impact from our operations.  In addition to complying with all applicable environmental laws, we aim to continually improve upon our environmental performance and to conduct our operations in a way that reduces adverse impact on the environment, particularly regarding water usage, energy usage, emissions and solid waste.  In selecting supply chain partners, we avoid sourcing materials, directly or indirectly, that contribute to deforestation of high conservation value areas, or interfere with the habitats of endangered species.